Public defender questions judge’s tweets

In a brief story that raises more questions than it answers, the Florida Sun-Sentinel reports:

Broward Circuit Judge Matthew Destry’s recent foray into the Twitter social networking site has ruffled the feathers of Public Defender Howard Finkelstein, who is questioning whether a judge should be tweeting from the bench.

What exactly constitutes “ruffled feathers” here remains unclear, but the phenomenon of judges tweeting and blogging certainly opens broad new possibilities for insight into what’s happening on the bench, as well as lots of opportunities for impropriety. Is Finkelstein just worried about those possibilities, or is there something more to this story?

3 thoughts on “Public defender questions judge’s tweets

  1. Gideon

    A total non-story if you ask me, based on what we know so far. Seems so silly and trumped up that there almost must be more, right?

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