Texas may throw out thousands of drug cases

Thousands of Texas drug convictions may be overturned after the Texas Supreme Court ruled that a drug examiner’s methods were unreliable. According to Houston’s KTRK:

“What the court said was we can’t trust those results anymore,” Harris County Public Defender Alex Bunin said.

It all started last year. A state crime lab examiner was fired when investigators found repeated mistakes in how he was analyzing drug evidence. The examiner had worked on thousands of cases between 2006 and 2012.

Now, a judge has ruled that anybody who has been convicted based on the now-suspect evidence has a right to a new trial, or maybe even a dismissal.

The district attorney’s office will be looking at each conviction individually.

“If their cases were tested by this chemist, and that’s the sole evidence against them, then they’re in the position to seek relief,” Bunin said.

Maybe this will lighten a few public defender caseloads for a little while…