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New York stop and frisk challenge reaches closing arguments

The class action lawsuit alleging New York City cops have been illegally stopping and frisking black and Hispanic men for years is about to wind up with closing arguments today. According to NPR:

Plaintiffs in Floyd v. City of New York claim the New York Police Department, its supervisors and its union pressured police officers to stop, question and frisk hundreds of thousands of people each year, even establishing quotas. They argue that 88 percent of the stops involved blacks and Hispanics, mostly men, and were in fact a form of racial profiling.

The police and the city argued that these policies were goals, not quotas, and have made New York the safest big city in America.

“I can’t imagine any rational person saying that the techniques are not working and that we should stop them,” says Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Seriously, dear mayor? The city claims the practice is justified by the fact that crime is down 80 percent in the city in the last two decades, but it apparently fails to consider that state action is not constitutional just because it reduces crime.

As for the claim that all of this stopping and frisking is reducing crime? Perhaps. But there’s also some pretty convincing evidence that crime may be down recently for a completely different reason.

According to NPR, “the judge’s ruling is not expected for several months.”