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How Las Vegas public defenders handle high-profile murder cases


Attorneys David Schiek and Dan Silverstein were appointed. Neither could comment for this story, but another member of county public defender’s office said the two are entitled to defense, even with taxpayers footing the bill. “It’s very important that ultimately, whatever happens, justice is served and the person receives a fair hearing, a fair trial, such as the case may be,” said Deputy Public Defender Norman Reed. “We do have to battle a lot of little things besides protecting our client’s life,” he added.

That includes media coverage of high-profile suspects. Often the public has already made up its mind as to guilt or innocence.

Reed said his office does receive complaints via email and letters condemning them for representing murder suspects. “Some of them are responded to, others aren’t, but the general answer for everybody’s concern is everybody has a constitutional right to fair representation. Everybody should have a good lawyer in their corner,” Reed replied.

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